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How to choose a good towel
Jun 29, 2018

How to choose a good towelThere are many kinds of towels and there is a big difference in quality. There are several aspects to choosing a towel correctly:

1. Fluffy texture and soft hands. This kind of towel feels in the hand is full of flexibility, stick on the face,
 give a person the feeling of a kind of soft stick to the face, towel is avoided by all means dry hard, lest hurt the skin.

2.Bright colors. No matter be printing or plain
coloured towel, want to use material to pay attention to only, craft arrives home, it is very beautiful certainly, have a kind of fresh feeling at a glance.

3. Clear design, accurate printing, full, novel and contemporary. Towel in addition to practical, is a kind of art, lifelike, a painting, is a kind of adornment, give a person with a kind of
 spirit to enjoy, in any one place will not be worried and redundant, avoid by all means buy printing rough, similar to the relationship of counterfeit goods, lest reduce taste,
dirty your bedroom.

4. High water absorption. Particularly strong demand for water, towel towel to wipe, moisture dry, dust pollution to do, which requires high quality cotton yarn,
advanced scouring and dyeing process, perfect test and inspection methods, not bibulous decontamination towels not accompany you, has affected the quality of your life.
5.The design is novel, the production is fine, the towel looks very elegant, picks not to be out of order, lets the person fondle admiringly, by all means avoid to buy those crudely
made towel.Qualified towel products shall be marked with standard marks, clearly indicating the production unit, telephone number, trademark, implementation standards, etc.

Dacron towel harms the body, everybody must use 100 % pure cotton towel to wash a face to wipe a face, healthy life, want to start from pay attention to detail.7.jpg