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How to use the towel
Jul 17, 2018

How to use the towel
The purpose of towel is to use healthy, wholesome, and towel is used inappropriately, it is the least hygienic thing.
There is a lot of secretion on the human body, especially on the face of people. After people swab with the towel,
 these harmful substances will attach to the fiber of the towel in large quantities.It not only affects the skin, but also is a sensitive source of disease,
 especially in the hot season of spring and summer. The following points should be noted when using towels:
1. Don't mix towels together in the whole family. Everyone in the family should have their own towels.
2. Wash your face, shower, wipe your hands, or wash other parts of the towel.
3. If a guest needs to use a towel when visiting, a new towel should be prepared separately. After the guest leaves, the towel should be disinfected or used for other purposes.
4. When you go out to stay in a hotel or restaurant, it's best to bring your own towels because sterilizing equipment can't get rid of the germs on them.