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Magical use of towels
Apr 04, 2018

1. At home use gas liquefied petroleum gas boiled water for cooking, such as standing a wet towel on the side, in case of gas pipe or LPG nozzle leakage gas fire, with a wet towel up a flutter, and then quickly close the valve, Possible fires can be avoided.

2. When the chef cooks and cooks, he can also prepare a towel around him. If the oil pan catches fire, he can quickly cover it and the fire will go out instantly.

3. In a specific case, a wet towel is topped with a gas mask. The secret is the effect of removing the smoke from the towel. Practice has shown that when taking refuge in heavy smoke from a fire, use a towel to cover the mouth and nostrils and quickly flush out. The fire field can be self-rescue, and some people have tested it. The more folded layers of the towel, the better the effect of removing smoke is, and the rate of smoke removal in the 8 layers is about 60%. The humidity of the towels with different humidity also varies, and the greater the moisture content, the greater the smoke removal rate. When the water content reaches 3.3 times the towel, the patient's tolerance time is about 1 minute and 20 seconds.