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The method of distinguishing inferior towel from high quality towel
Jun 16, 2018

First move: look at the brand. Regular brand, famous brand towel, supply quality assurance, strict inspection and verification procedures. The place of choose and buy should go to normal market, supermarket or each shop.

Second move: look at the logo. Qualified towel products should have the logo specification, is mainly composed of nine aspects, respectively is executive standard, factory name, address, product name, rank, fiber content, shape specifications, washing mark, security category, certificate of approval. For the safety category, it is divided into A (baby towel), B (direct contact skin towel) and C (non-direct contact skin towel).

Game 3: look at the look. Good towel colour is fresh and bright, design is clear, wool loop is even, seam edge is straight, appearance is neat. The towel of high quality feels soft, fluffy and full of flexibility, the smell is fresh and natural, no peculiar smell.

Game 4: check quality. Towel with good water absorption, water droplets can be quickly absorbed; Towels with poor water absorbance will form water drops on them. The color fastness good towel, with warm water to add wash, the light color towel does not fade, the dark color product first washing slightly float color, no obvious fade. The towel with weak color fastness, there is a lot of floating color to fall off in the water.