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Bad Use Of Towels
Apr 04, 2018

1. More than one person. When a family member uses a single towel, cross-infection can easily occur because everyone does not have the same health status and living habits.

2. More than one towel. Although some families have special towels, some people wash their faces, wash their hair, bathe, wash their feet, wipe their sweat, and wipe their hands.

3. Do not change, repeat. After the expiration date, the towels will become hard and dirty and become a new source of pollution.

4. Do not pay attention to the hygiene of the towels. Many consumers do not wash towels, do not cook hard, do not diligently dry their towels, and hang wet towels in unventilated bathrooms for long periods of time. They do not know that bacteria and viruses live longer in wet towels and reproduce rapidly in geometric numbers.

5. Ignore the harm of shoddy products. Many low-cost towels are produced from waste, old, fake raw materials, and inferior dyes. The labels of these counterfeit towel products are marked with 100% cotton and are actually doped with a considerable proportion of chemical fibers.