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Bamboo Fiber Towel Features
Apr 04, 2018

Antibacterial property: Bamboo fiber towel is more healthy than traditional cotton towel, not only environmental protection, but also has very good antibacterial effect. Bamboo fiber towel has very good natural antibacterial effect due to its material factor and is the best alternative to cotton towel. The product, therefore, is quite popular with the hotel.

Bright color: Bamboo fiber towel looks beautiful, bright color, and very soft and comfortable to use, it's this feature is loved by the hotel guests, when used, comfortable and soft, giving guests a quality of enjoyment.

Strong water absorption: Bamboo fiber towels are highly absorbent when used. They absorb nearly twice as much water as regular towels and can fully absorb the moisture on the face or body of the guests.

Easy to clean: The bamboo fiber towel not only has good air permeability, but also is convenient for cleaning. Its material determines its permeability better than ordinary towel, and it is very simple when cleaning.

The bamboo fiber towel not only has the fragrance of bamboo, but also has the noble gas festival of bamboo. The bamboo fiber towel embellishes life with noble life.

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