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Bath Towel Alternative Use
Apr 04, 2018

1, used as pajamas, both warm and convenient;

2, as a casual blanket to use, at noon to watch TV on the sofa or take a nap, can be used as a blanket cover, the thickness is just good;

3, can be used as a baby's quilt, baby's special quilt, blankets are usually more expensive, adult's quilt is too large and too heavy, with a bath towel when the baby's quilt is the right size, it will not be too heavy, most importantly, package On the baby's body, it is not easy to be kicked off, even in the winter, you can also put a layer of bath towel on the baby, and then cover the quilt.

4, can also be used as a gift to give a gift to a lover or friend, because in life everyone will use a bath towel.