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Common Colors Of Towels
Apr 04, 2018

Towels are woven from the raw materials of textile fibers, which are terry loop piles or pile loop piles. Generally, pure cotton yarns are used as raw materials, and a small amount of blended yarns or chemical fiber yarns are blended with a towel loom. Made of.

According to the weaving method, there are two kinds of knitting and woven; there are face towels, pillow towels, bath towels, towel covers, sofa towels and so on according to the purpose of use. In addition, there are terry cloths, which are used to sew garments, and have dense surface terry, soft feeling and water absorption. Strong water storage, wear resistance, good thermal performance.

The common colors include white towels, plain towels, color towels, printed towels, mercerized towels, spiral towels, jacquard towels, and jacquard printed towels. These are textiles that can be used to wash articles that can be in direct contact with the human body. Square, face, bath, towel, etc.).