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Daily Maintenance Of Towels
May 17, 2018

  The towel stiffens mainly because of the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water combined with soap, resulting in calcium magnesium soap attached to the surface of the towel. To prevent towel and hard, in addition to often clean, should put a towel in the alkaline pot a quarter of an hour (generally 1.5 kilograms of water to add 30 grams soda ash, all immersed in the alkaline will towel, cooked remove towel after rinse clean with clear water thoroughly.
   The surface of the towel is greasy and sticky, because the surface of the towel is covered with a lot of sweat, tears and other secretions. In addition to the above method, the towel can be boiled or washed in strong brine.
The most natural condition for bacteria to reproduce is high temperature and humidity, so keep the towels dry. But now many families toilet without Windows, poor ventilation, so if you want to keep the towel clean, should clean with soap once a day, then hang to dry in the sun or in dry ventilated place. You should also boil the towels in salt water once a week. It is also a very effective method to sterilize the towel after soaking it with water.
   In addition to giving you a small doohickey: prevent towel bacterium with white vinegar soak first half an hour, and then with a towel a Angle lun circle for a while, all the small coil towel off, and then to dry, then towel will feel very soft to the touch.