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How To Distinguish The Pure Cotton Towel From The Polyester Towel
Jul 06, 2018

How to distinguish the pure cotton towel from the polyester towel:

Pure cotton towel feels comfortable and soft, usually make pure cotton towel is fine cotton yarn, and polyester cotton towel except wool part is cotton, other most part is polyester, polyester namely nylon; Polyester towel usually used cotton yarn is secondary processing, also known as old cotton or second-hand cotton;After the pure cotton towel is burned with fire, only the white powder will be left, but after the polyester cotton towel is burned with fire, it usually presents grey black color, and there will be the current situation of nylon filament when it is pressed by hand.After soaking with water, the absorbent effect of pure cotton is better.The best way to test towels for pure cotton is to use fire.9.jpg