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Textile Storage Techniques
Apr 04, 2018

First of all, there must be a warehouse that is large enough and large enough. If the warehouse is small, it cannot be stacked in any way. Next, according to the type of fabric to distinguish, such as: textile fabrics and woven fabrics should be distinguished, because the knitted fabric into a relatively soft roll, and woven fabrics are relatively straight up reeling, as well as the cloth material classification, all The cotton fabrics are separated, and the polyester cotton fabrics and the fiber fabrics are divided into three parts.

The first choice is conducive to ventilation, otherwise time will be stored for a long time, the middle part will be moldy, cotton fabric will appear spots, and the fabric fastness is reduced, you can gently tear the fabric by hand, we all know that such a fabric becomes waste cloth.

The correct stacking method is to choose favorable ventilation, which is convenient for fire prevention. The cotton fabric is best placed in a well-ventilated place, such as the nearest place to the window, the width of one meter is the normal width of the door, and the amount of 6 to 7 rolls is one. Rows, the second floor is laid flat vertically, the number must be the same as the bottom, the third floor is still horizontally flat, the same number, and so on.